Bridal Car Rental in Chennai

Bridal Car Rental in Chennai

For all your travel needs for bridal events, you can have a Bridal Car Rental service from Chennai Travels just by a single call to us. All our travel facilities will help you in having pleasurable and memorable life events. The wedding happens once in a lifetime and everyone wishes to have that carried out in a grandeur way and your desires are fulfilled from our side using our luxurious cars. All our vehicles are maintained decently to meet your entire travel needs. We are trying our level best to justify our calls on request and we are here to offer you trending variants to make the wedding occasion even more colorful.

Wedding Car Rental in Chennai

Bridal Car Rental

Experience the World Class Bridal Cars With Chennai Travels

We at Chennai Travels possess 10+ years of experience in this industry and all the services are offered at normal rates. Our drivers possess enough experience in traveling and they do follow the traffic rules and underlie within the contracted terms and conditions. Below are some of our cars used for the Bridal Car Rental in Chennai.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce cars fall under the category of Luxurious cars which are mostly preferred by the bride and groom for weddings. The services related to cars are completely customized with automobile works. Bridal Cars in Chennai is really expensive because of the richness and available customizations. Rolls Royce cars are excessively stylish and all the facilities are extravagantly added and put in use. Rolls Royce car rental in Chennai

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Audi cars are generally manufactured in Germany and the designs are inhibited to make it appeal more catchy and expensive. The latest models of Audi are worth for travel and the features make it more attractive and appealing when compared to other luxurious cars. Though the arrangements are similar to other forms of cars, unique designs make it stand out among the others for sure. Audi car rental in Chennai


Jaguar cars are superior models that are costly and modern and the latest variants are preferred for wedding events. Bridal Car Rental Services in Chennai are affordable from our services and all our vehicles are maintained well and you can have exceptional travel feel once you are into the cars for grand welcomes and warm gestures. You can have sedan type and premium types of jaguar cars preferred depending upon your travel needs. You can choose a spacious vehicle in case of requirement. Jaguar car rental in Chennai

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Mercedes BENZ

Bridal Car Rental is available in Mercedes Benz cars variants and C class models are highly economical. The most costly forms are S class models and obviously, its quality parts make it so expensive. Internal mechanisms are made so clear to achieve the desired quality and it exerts good speed and increased certification levels. Because of this quality and expensiveness, this type of car is preferred for Bridal events. Mercedes Benz car rental in Chennai


BMW Cars are expensive models with starting price ranges of more than 35 lakhs and if you want your wedding to be more auspicious you can go for higher-end models with increased fares and price ranges. Currently, several models are set in use with BMW and mostly sedan type ones are used for marriage welcomes and send offs. BMW car rental in Chennai

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Another Famous release of BMW is the mini cooper and the car is so stylish and compact. The car is not so spacious to hold many numbers of people and only a few can be seated comfortably. For economical and best ranges you can go for this one as an ideal choice. Mini Cooper car rental in Chennai

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner is an excessively big sized luxurious car which is capable of holding around 10 persons and convenient traveling is assured. The car is so spacious and the tank capacity is more than 80 liters through which you can travel large distances. If this car is chosen for wedding events, you can have an extraordinary feel and comfort. Toyota Toyota Fortuner car rental in Chennai

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Employee Car Rental Service

Toyota Innova

As we all know, Toyota Innova is also a Primer sedan vehicle that holds huge space. You can have more persons taken in the vehicle about comfort and convenience. Latest variants are upgraded with striking features and they can also be favored for Bridal events for sure. Hire Innova car in Chennai

Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis is famous all over the world and its popularity is mainly because of its peculiar design. Varieties of colors are put in use with the latest models and all those colors are so stylish and elegant. So that it makes its place in Marriage functions and important ceremonies.

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Hire Luxury Bridal Cars at Best Prices

All forms of Bridal cars are available with petrol and diesel engines and mileage is excessively high in those cars. Needed decorations and other features are added from our side and you can have the wedding events enjoyed to the core. Our drivers are well trained and dignified in having the welcome events carried out more finely. You can prefer services to pick your own choice of vehicle as per your requirement at nominal price ranges that no one can offer here at Chennai. Get our services availed at exciting offer prices. You can even have an economical range of cars availed from us for your betterment and our services are always extended to the goodness of our customers.

Bridal Car Rental Tariff

Luxury Cars Rental Tariff for Wedding & Events

Particulars 4Hrs / 40Kms 8Hrs / 80Kms Additional Per KM Additional Per Hour
Rolls Royce ₹40,000/- ₹80,000/- ₹800/- ₹10,000/-
Jaguar XJL ₹14,000/- ₹24,000/- ₹200/- ₹1,500/-
Jaguar XF ₹7,000/- ₹14,000/- ₹100/- ₹1,000/-
Jaguar XE ₹6,000/- ₹12,000/- ₹75/- ₹1,000/-
Mercedes Benz E Class ₹6,000/- ₹12,000/- ₹70/- ₹1,000/-
Audi A6 ₹6,000/- ₹12,000/- ₹75/- ₹1,000/-
Audi A4 ₹4,000/- ₹8,000/- ₹65/- ₹800/-
BMW 5 Series ₹5,000/- ₹10,000/- ₹70/- ₹1,000/-
Corolla Altis ₹2,500/- ₹4,500/- ₹50/- ₹500/-
Toyota Fortuner ₹2,750/- ₹5,500/- ₹50/- ₹500/-
Innova Crysta ₹1,800/- ₹3,600/- ₹30/- ₹400/-
Tariff General Terms:
  • Starting & closing, km/hrs will be calculated from our garage to garage.
  • More than the usage of 7hrs & 12hrs are considered respectively 10hrs & 15hrs rate.
  • Rates are inclusive of fuel and driver only.
  • Toll fee, Parking fee, Entry fee are additional from the mentioned tariff.
  • Drive batta is calculated on a calendar day basis.
  • Rates may change based on diesel/petrol price change.
  • In case of cancellation after the vehicle starts from our garage or no-show from the customer. A cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Mentioned vehicle models and facilities are subject to availability.
  • 50% of the advance is payable while booking the vehicle.

Custom packages also available