Mahindra Tourister Van Rental

Mahindra Tourister Van Rental in Chennai

Travel and tourism are a part of everybody’s life, where the factor of travel comes and seeks the help of various vehicle rental agencies. We at Chennai Travels provide Mahindra Tourister van for rent tied up with complete maintenance and service. Chennai Travels is just perfect with the van facilities to give you the best travel experience of your defined journey. Also, the Mahindra Tourister van rental measures the complete benefits of the clients and keeps their vehicles up to to date with perfect maintenance.

Our Mahindra Tourister van rental services in Chennai can be said to be the best reliable and affordable renting company that believes in delivering complete satisfaction to their clients by providing them with the best-renting experience at a very cheap rate. This includes the benefit of the rental services that take the step to another new extent of travel and adventure. If you are traveling with your family with a lot of luggage, then our rental vans are the best option for you. Chennai Travels vans comprise of very good interiors with comfortable seats for long journeys and contain the large space to keep your luggage too.

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Mahindra Tourister Van Rental Price in Chennai

Van Rental Tariff for Chennai Local Trips

Name 16 Seaters 17 Seaters Mahindra Tourister NON-AC 18 Seater 20 Seater Pushback 21 Seater Pushback
5Hrs / 50Kms ₹2,000/- NON A/C NON A/C NON A/C A/C
10Hrs / 100Kms 17.00/- ₹4,000/- ₹30/ 19.00/- 19.00/- 23.00/-
12Hrs / 120Kms ₹4,800/-
15Hrs / 150Kms 700/- ₹6,000/- ₹700/- ₹700/- ₹700/- ₹700/-
Additional Per KM ₹20/-
Additional Per Hour ₹400/-

Van Rental Tariff for Chennai to Outstation Trips

Name 16 Seaters 17 Seaters Mahindra Tourister NON-AC 18 Seater 20 Seater Pushback 21 Seater Pushback
250Kms Per Day
Additional Per KM 17.00/- ₹19/- ₹30/ 19.00/- 19.00/- 23.00/-
Driver Bata Per Day 700/- ₹700/- ₹700/- ₹700/- ₹700/- ₹700/-

Our Mahindra Tourister Van Rental Facility

Our vehicles are perfectly maintained and served with the best rental experience to keep you engaged with the comfortable facilities of seating and other acceleration activities of the vehicle. Our van comes with the facilities like 17 seating capability with perfectly arranged seating arrangement to avoid the absolute sequence of uncomfort. However, this comes with the regular designed capacity to keep you touched towards a very good travel experience. Also, this Mahindra Tourister van rental in Chennai is considered the best rentals to hold the vans on rent as it is very reliable and gives the comfortably fitted qualities to qualify the rules of happiness with adventure.

You can rent Mahindra Tourister van in Chennai to fill you up with the best experience of travel and journey with our qualified Non-AC vans that keeps the scenario of fitting the long run of excitement with well-managed seat arrangement. The facilities of our vans are highly up to keep the records of their interior maintenance and designs. Also, our vans are completely cleaned and hygienic that provides a quality travel experience to travelers. Chennai Travels guarantees you to get the utmost comfort with styled features to take you to more convenient ways of travel maintenance.

Hire Mahindra Tourister Van for Holiday Tours

You can hire a Mahindra Tourister van in Chennai to keep you up with the engaged enjoyment and holiday tours. The van services are just perfect that delivers you enough space and maximum seat availability with comfortable features. Also, the affordable prices are just perfect to enjoy the benefits of the van rental experience and get to the level of excitement to complete your holiday tours. The best services of our rental are always there to keep you updated with the renting experience and travel tours to various places of demand.

Holiday tours are specifically built for enjoyment and the enjoyment comes from utmost comfortability at affordable costs. The reduction in travel costs might help you to get to more extent of happiness and demands which is possible by making use of our rental van services. Chennai Travels rental tourist vans are just perfect to deliver you a quality travel experience. Hence, you can easily make use of our traveler vans to go round clock with the complete coverage of tourist attractions.

Mahindra Tourister Van
Mahindra Tourister Van

Hire Mahindra Tourister Van for Temple Tours

You can hire Mahindra Tourister van in Chennai to enjoy the rental services even for making temple tours at weekends with family and friends. Our vans offer plenty of flexibility with the best seating capacity where a large count of numbers can travel making them the perfect travel partner in your long tours. You can easily take your team to the temple outing and get your large groups without worrying about the vehicle service. We provide you with the best-renting services according to the number of travelers traveling the route.

You can also hire Mahindra van rental for making the travel tours that keep the quick variety of rental vans including economy, full size, and luxury categories. If you are looking for fuel-efficiency, then you don’t need to worry as our vehicles are fuel-efficient that keep the style to a level of comfort and make the family visit adventurous temple trips. With these quality features, you can easily go exploring your trips and enjoy the weekend family trips to temples that offer plenty of flexibility with seating capacity and ideal needs. Our van models are filled up with space, power, and durability power that keeps the features attached to make your travel through long journeys.

Hire Mahindra Tourister Van for Chennai Local Trips

Local trips are carried out with fuel-efficient vehicles that team your journey in a very convenient way that reserves a wide range of specifications and comfort. Since our vehicles are just perfect fuel-efficient vehicles that serve a comfortable and convenient trip to your large groups. However, you can hire Mahindra Tourister rental vans in Chennai for making local trips and go for various convenient ways to keep updated with the several rental experiences. Also, if you have further plans of moving to a new house or just pick up heavy luggage, then our van rental options cover all your problems. Our vans vary in various sizes and specifications that can keep the level of comfort and style.

Our renting van services keep the highlighted range of local trips that include desired local destinations with the best possible routes to reach them fast and safely. The local trips get the most experienced drivers that pick you up according to the customer’s requirements. Hence, the Mahindra Tourister rental van services clear all the infected impurities for serving the best services to their customers and keep the driven experiences will all comfort and best travel approach.

Mahindra Tourister Van
Mahindra Tourister Van

Hire Mahindra Tourister Van for Chennai to Outstation Trips

You can hire our Mahindra Tourister van in Chennai for making outstation trips and cover the destination tour packages transport service. Mahindra Tourister van hire in Chennai provides the best van rental services for your entire travel requirement. Our wide range of vehicles goes specifically in high demand as we make sure to provide quality service with competitive costs. The transport services are nowadays in quick use to help out with the customized journeys and travel services. Hence, our rental company goes specifically high by covering all the travel loads with Tourister van and a large group of step services.

The luxurious comfort that covers all the experienced travel journeys including the hassle-free services is the best way to keep the travel experience clear and classy. Chennai Travels Tourister vans drive safely with the customer’s practices to provide a good ambiance for our travel partners. The practices go clear with all the comfort and luxurious travel experience that keep the best services including driven specifications in the journey. Hence, this convenient practice of making the tour to outstation covers a wide range of comfort for a great price. However, you can hire our renting services for various travel tours.

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