Kodaikanal Homestay

Kodaikanal Homestay

Kodaikanal is obviously the Queen of Hills and the location is famous for its cool climate and comfort stays there. Several cottages are located in the Kodaikanal Hills and complete luxury is assured. You can always create favorite memories and retentions in the chilled atmosphere. Kodaikanal Homestay is offered by various cottages and resorts and you can choose the best among the existing ones. Chennai Travels offers exclusive packages for the customers with mind-blowing offers. Starting from economical packs extending up to luxurious packs you can contact us. In all the locations of Kodaikanal, several types of rooms and hotels are available at affordable prices.

Kodaikanal Homestay

The Best Kodaikanal Homestay in Kodaikanal

We at Chennai Travels offer hotels and resorts at an affordable price and even luxurious stays are offered. Several rooms are available with various prices accommodating smaller and larger groups of people. In a single cottage, there will be two separate bedrooms are available with a large spacious hall for a crowded family. All the stay areas are neatly maintained and room service is fully available. If you want to travel the entire hills with cars, the services are readily offered by the travel management upon terms and conditions.

Kodaikanal Homestay for Honeymoon Couples

  • For Honeymoon couples, lavishing rooms and resorts are available with several additional features that help you in making sweet memories to be cherished forever.
  • Our cottages and hotels are designed in an extraordinary way meeting the expectations and wishes of the honeymoon couple.
  • We will further arrange vehicles and other transportation facilities for site seeing in Kodaikanal.
  • You can travel the whole day exploring the natural beauty of Kodaikanal.
  • We involve in making your evening times special by offering candlelight dinners and other campfire experiences.
  • Lavish nightmare experiences can be seen and enjoyed.
Chennai Homestay for Honeymoon Couples
Kodaikanal Homestay for Family

Kodaikanal Homestay for Family

Kodaikanal Homestay is extended for family and several accommodations are made for them all over the hills at exciting price offers. You can check-in and check out at any time depending upon your arrival. From all our stay locations you can see and enjoy many viewpoints clearly. Food services are readily available in all the hotels and upon request, the service will be facilitated. Below are some of our exclusive offers for family trips.

  • Check-in Check-out service round the clock.
  • Complete assistance and support from the staff members.
  • Food services are available all the time.
  • Pure drinking water is available all over the stay areas.
  • Telephonic facilities are available.
  • Room service is available all the time.
  • Traveling offers and vehicles are offered for the convenience of people.

Kodaikanal Homestay for Group

People who tend to explore the natural sceneries and beauties of the queen of hills travel in a group and they sometimes prefer to cook on their own with the groceries. For those kinds of people, cottages and individual homes are available with kitchen holding utensils for cooking. But groceries will not be available there. You have to bring your accessories on your own. Only you will be provided with utensils and the complete setup. All those provisions are given on a rental basis and everything should be returned back to the managing authority. Any damage to the availabilities will be fined penalty.

Kodaikanal Homestay for Group
Kodaikanal Homestay with Kitchen and Self Cooking

Kodaikanal Homestay with Kitchen and Self Cooking

Kodaikanal is the most enjoyable tourist spot with hills and terrains to be enjoyed in groups. College students and working employees tend to prefer this place to get mental relaxation. All the places in Kodaikanal are highly enjoyable and the features are associated completely with the natural availabilities. Silver falls is extremely beautiful and it is the perfect spot for taking photos and to create praiseworthy memories. For college students and people in the group, a special form of homestay is made and arranged. Large-sized dormitories with single beds and separate toilet facilities are available. You can have fun and enjoyment in the outside area available with couches. For people who wish to have play areas, separate hotels are available with paly areas and swimming pools.

Kodaikanal Homestay for Food

Spicy homemade food is the ultimate choice for everyone who is wishing to travel to the Hills. Such rendition is afforded by the Chennai Travels by their dedicated support. We have our own chefs and cooks who are there to offer you tasty foods every time in the respective hotels.

Some people always wish to have homemade foods wherever they go. For them, this offer is the ideal choice and all the services are available at affordable prices.

Cuisine foods and other special foods will be served upon request and demand.

Kodaikanal Homestay for Food

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