Yelagiri Tour Packages

Yelagiri Tour Packages from Chennai

If you want to sit serenely on the lap of Mother Nature, the best place is the untouched small hill station in Tamil Nadu called Yelagiri hills. Fast reachable from two significant cities Chennai and Bangalore, it is now becoming a hot tourist spot. And before it becomes busy like others, book the Yelagiri holiday package with Chennai travels now to enjoy mother nature and also adventurous activities. Situated in the Vellore district, it offers a picturesque landscape and an excellent climate round the year for the best two-day tour Yelagiri tour packages with Chennai travel.

Yelagiri from Chennai is 225 km and takes less than five hours drive from Chennai to have a fantastic weekend getaway. Like the tasty jack fruits freely available, Yelagiri though not known to many people has a lot to offer for two days stay. There are stories of it getting the name from cardamom which in Tamil is called yelakkai which was abundantly grown in these hills. And even many tourists nowadays confirm the smell of cardamom in this not so spoiled splendorous creation of nature. And the stunning landscape with breathtaking hill views 1400 m above the sea level is quite out of the world that you must have never experienced before to behold for a long time. Chennai travels offer many Chennai to Yelagiri tour packages customized as per the clients’ need. The most common Yelagiri hills tour packages are the two-day weekend package that many of our customers want to have their getaway to remember for a lifetime.

Yelagiri Tour Packages

Best Time to Visit Yelagiri

Due to its latitude position, the weather in Yelagiri is moderate throughout the year. Visitors come to Yelagiri mainly for the excellent weather and the best time is between November to February. And for those who want to enjoy the vacation come to the summer festival in May and June. But our customers book Yelagiri holiday packages whenever they have free time even for a one-day trip to Yelagiri.

Yelagiri Tour Itinerary Itinerary

Chennai travels offers the most comprehensive and memorable Chennai to Yelagiri packages. Though these fantastic trip to Yelagiri from Chennai is customizable, the common itinerary starting from Chennai include

Day 1: Start at 6 AM to Yelagiri trip from Chennai afresh to discover nature at its best.

After enjoying the travel from Chennai to Vellore for nearly 3 hours, reach Vellore to have tasty traditional Tamil food for breakfast. If time allows there are many visits to Vellore Fort, French Bungalow, Pear Palace, Jalakandeswar temple, Museum, Clock Tower, and others. The dream journey starts again from Vellore seeing the best of nature for the next two hours along with the 14 beautiful villages to Yelagiri driving through the 14 hairpin bends. Check into a hotel have lunch and rest for some time to be fresh again to explore nature at its best in Yelagiri that include a lot of Yelagiri Popular Sightseeing Overview like

Doddapetta peak
Pleasant boating in Punganoor Lake

The first place to explore as part of the Yelagiri group tour packages is the spectacular Punganoor Lake. Within one km of the quiet town, this artificial lake is at the center point of the Yelagiri hills. You take a boat ride to enjoy the natural trees in the nearby Nature Park and also the mesmerizing hills surrounding it. Children can go up the small treetop viewpoint, and elders can do shopping in the few shops. This wonderful lake encompasses 60 square yard meters with a beautiful fountain in the middle to never forget the boat ride or the lake.

Peaceful stroll in Nature Park

After spending the best time in the lake as the first activity of the Yelagiri family tour packages with a peaceful stroll in the Nature Park, it is only one km from the Punganoor Lake is spread over 12 acres, and offers the best time in Yelagiri. This natural wonder provides artificial waterfalls, a bathing facility in the cascade, a musical fountain with vibrant colors dancing with popular songs, a bamboo house, a children’s park, a Poly house, a fish aquarium, Season Garden among others. A peaceful walk in this well-maintained lush greenery would end the day to take a good night’s rest in the hotel.

summer season in Munnar

Day 2:

Jalagamparai Falls

To start the second day with taking a refreshing shower in the captivating Jalagamparai Falls is the best part of Yelagiri family tour packages. Only four km from the Yelagiri town, you need to trek five kilometers to reach the mesmerizing falls between mountain rocks divided by the Attaru River. Trekking among the high forest trees alongside the river to the falls is a memorable experience. Enjoy this nature’s stunning gift to rejuvenate to face the challenges back in the real concrete world.

Worship Lord Muruga in VelavanTemple in Swamimalai Hills

If you are a spiritual person, worshipping Lord Muruga in Velavan Temple on Swamimalai Hills should be your next stop even if not a spiritual person, going to this highest point in the Yelagiri hills is a beautiful experience. It is one of the best parts of Yelagiri hills tour packages to have a bird’s view of the unspoiled nature at its best. Along with Lord Muruga’s statue, there is a substantial Ghatothgajan statue in the temple, which is a mythological character in the Hindu religion.

Look at the solar system through Asia’s biggest telescope:

The Vainu Bappu telescope observatory has Asia’s most giant telescope for you to look at the solar system closer for celestial bodies from Yelagiri. Maintained by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, has this 93 inches telescope to thrill the children and the elders alike.

Indulge in adventurous activities in Yelagiri

If you are an adventure-seeking person, Yelagiri offers a lot of adventurous activities. The Tamil Nadu government’s adventure camp is situated only 2 km from the town to enjoy mountain climbing, paragliding, hiking, trekking, bungee trampoline, ATV rides, shooting, archery among others.

Extensive Vehicle Rental Services for Yelagiri Tours

Chennai travels many Yelagiri tour packages with extensive vehicle rental services. It includes

Cars rental for Yelagiri tour packages from Chennai - For honeymoon couples or small families, Chennai travels offers the best car rental for Yelagiri tour packages from Chennai. It could be a wonderful trip for one or two days to get away from the noisy Chennai to a serene natural landscape like Yelagiri.

Van rental for Chennai to Yelagiri packages - For a big family, Chennai Travels offers the best van rental for Chennai to Yelagiri packages. The family can enjoy nature and also worship Lord Muruga in Yelagiri in the best way possible.

Best bus & minibus rental Yelagiri hills tour packages - For extended families, school or college students, corporate tours, and others the best is the bus & minibus rental Yelagiri hills tour packages. We offer many luxury buses, and minibusses suitable for the 14 hairpin bends to reach Yelagiri hills safely and with utmost comfort.

Innova car rental for a luxury trip to Yelagiri from Chennai - Toyota Innova car rental is the best luxury trip to Yelagiri from Chennai. All comfort that a world-class luxury car like Innova could offer is the best way to enjoy the journey.

Tempo Traveller rental for safe one day trip to Yelagiri - With many hairpins bends to reach Yelagiri, Tempo Traveller rental is the safest for one day trip to Yelagiri. Since it is comfortable also, many of our customers prefer it for all their Yelagiri tour packages.

Luxury Car Rental - Our luxury car rental services for Yelagiri tour packages is the best at affordable costs.

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