Srisailam Tour Packages

Srisailam Tour Packages

Srisailam is one of the places to visit in South India for both spiritual and joyful experience. Situated on the top of the Nallamalla hills on the banks of the Krishna river it is one of the famous places in Andhra Pradesh state. Many come here to worship one of the 12 jyotirlingas Mallikarjuna Swamy, the temple above 457 meters above the sea level.

It is surrounded by carbonaceous trees and diverse flora and fauna of the dense Nallamalla forests ranges close to the Srisailam hills. Approximately around 215 km from Hyderabad and 260 km from Vijayawada and 475 km from Chennai it is easily accessible from all three southern states. But the best way is the Srisailam tour packages from Chennai by Chennai Travels.

Srisailam Tour Packages
Chennai to Srisailam

Holy Places covered during this yatra:

With Chennai to Srisailam temple tour packages by Chennai Travels, our customers can worship many holy places all through the nearly eight hours of travel. Though the main temple is one of the oldest temples in South India the Brahamaramba temple built with Vijayanagara architecture there are many other ancient temples covered during the holy yatra that includes among others

  • Akka Mahadevi caves
  • Mallela Theertham
  • Hemareddy temple
  • Sakshi Ganapathy temple
  • Ahobilam
  • Sri Mahanandhi temple
  • Prahalad Varadhan temple
  • Nine temples of Lord Narasimha
  • Raktha Kunda
  • Pathala Ganga
  • Lingala Gattu
  • Hathakesvara temple
  • Ista Kamaeshwari temple

Toursit places around Srisailam;

Our trip to Srisailam also includes the other tourist places which rejuvenate the whole family or friends include:

  • Srisailam dam on the Krishna river with the scenic beauty of the Nallamlai hills .
  • Srisailam Tiger Reserve which is one of the largest tiger reserves in India spanning a total of 3563 acres to enjoy in a safari tour.
  • Chenchu Lakshmi Tribal museum to know the culture of the Andhra tribes living in Nallammalai forests.
  • Paladhara Panchadara is the place to unwind as it gurgles with streams of Krishna water in the scenic area only four km from Srisailam.
  • Octopus viewpoint to give a splendid bird’s view of the spectacular valley of the dense Nallamalai hills surrounded by Krishna river like an octopus
Chennai to Srisailam
Chennai to Srisailam

Srisailam Yatra Itinerary

  • Day 1: Leave from Chennai at 7.00 PM. Overnight journey to Srisailam.
  • Day 2: Arrival at Ahobilam around 6 AM. Check in at Hotel and Dharshan of temples in lower ahobilam, Sri Pavana Narasimhar (Bhudhan), Sri Bharghava Narasimhar (Suriyan), Sri Yoganandha Narasimhar (Shani), Sri Chatrvata Narasimhar(Kethu) Overnight stay at Ahobilam.
  • Day 3: Dharshan of temples in upper Ahobilam. Sri Jwala Narasimhar(Chevvai), Sri Malola Narasimhar (Sukran), Sri Varadha Narasimhar(Raahu), Sri Ugra Narasimhar(Guru), Sri Karanjana Narasimhar(Chandran), and then Depart to Chennai.

Extensive Vehicle Rental Services for Srisailam Tour

We offer the extensive rental services for Srisailam tour. The mode of the trip to Srisailam could either be in a car, van, minibus, and bus; we make sure it is of the satisfaction to our customers.

Srisailam Yatra Itinerary

For a small family of three to four persons, We offer the best car rental packages for the Srisailam tour by a car. With our experienced drivers who know the way to Chennai to Srisailam well due to their frequent trips, make sure the customers enjoy the best trip with minimum travel tiredness and with maximum value for the hard-earned money.

Chennai to Srisailam
Chennai to Srisailam

Chennai to Srisailam by van:

We also offer Van rentals with the different types of vehicles ( 16 seater, 18 seater, 20 seater ) for the Srisailam tour from Chennai that makes it comfortable and memorable. We offer spacious seating arrangements as per the requirement of our customers to be both cost-effective and comfortable for them to enjoy the trip to Srisailam never to forget it in life.

Bus & mini bus rental for Srisailam trip:

For a small family or big family trip toSrisailam, we offer the best bus rental & mini bus rental (21 Seater Minibus & 25 Seater Minibus). According to the number of passengers, we arrange buses and minibuses from many models. Also, we offer the best model buses and minibuses as per our customers’ wish for the best Chennai to Srisailam tour packages.

Chennai to Srisailam
Chennai to Srisailam

Innova, Etios & Tavera Car Rental for Srisailam Trip:

For those wanting luxury on their trip to Srisailam to be most comfortable in the Innova, Etios & Tavera car rental, we offer the best of them. Our well maintained Innova and Etios cars with experienced drivers make sure that the long travel fits even for older people without many hassles whatsoever.

Custom packages also available