Rahu Kethu Temple Tour Packages

Rahu Kethu Temple Tour Package from Chennai

Thirunallar: Thirunallar is one of the most famous holy places in South India located in Karaikal which is 160 km south of Pondicherry (Pudhucherry). Thirunallar is famous for Lord Saneeshwara’s (Saturn) temple. The only temple where Lord Saneeshwara lost all his power to Lord Shiva (Dharbaranyeshwarar) which saved his devotee Nalan from Saturn’s curses. That’s the story about the temple. A lot of People visit the place every Saturday to get similar blessings.

Rahu Kethu Temple Tour Packages

Thirunallar Pooja Timing:

Rahu and Kethu are the two most critical astronomical bodies in Hindu mythology. As per science, they are both shadow planets with an orbital cycle of 18 years. And both are always at 180 degrees from each other orbitally. It coincides with processional moon orbit or the 18-year rotational cycle. In Hindu texts, it is also similar to Rahu and Kethu being two parts of an Asura or an evil creature. If the head of the Asura is on the north lunar node, the body of the Asura is 180 degrees at the south of the lunar node. Since Rahu and Kethu denotes the intersection paths of the Sun and Moon along with the movement of the moon on the celestial sphere, they are called north and south lunar nodes. And those affected by its positions have to perform parigaram in these nine temples that represent the nine planets. Only then they will be relieved from many dhosams or ill happenings like not being well, not getting married and others.

Chennai travels understanding the belief of the Hindu people offers them the best Rahu Kethu Dhosa Parikaram Tour round the year.

Check out the best Rahu Kethu Temple Tour from Chennai

Chennai Travels offers the best Rahu Kethu Temple tour from Chennai to all the nine famous temples located in the delta region of Tamil Nadu. It is south of Chennai with a distance of around 400 km to visit all the temples. Since the temples are in the Cauvery river delta region, they are all in lush green with a lot of trees and agricultural lands. And the following Dhosa Parikaram Temple Tour Packages by Chennai Travels will not only enable our customers to clear off their ill evils but also have a fantastic tour of nature to enjoy its best.

The 9 Auspicious Temples to Visit at Rahu Kethu Tour

Sooriyanar temple – Sun God

The first temple to do the religious rituals to clear the dhosam is the Sooriyanar temple in Kumbakonam. Chennai Travels in its Rahu Kethu Temple Tour from Chennai starts with this Sun God to remove the Rahu Kethu Dhosam and also other health problems of the pilgrims. Only around 280 km from Chennai and 15 km from Kumbakonam, people visit year-round the year to perform parigaram to Sun God for their Rahu Kethu dhosam. We offer the most comfortable journey to this famous temple, along with taking care of the safety of our passengers.

Sooriyanar temple – Sun God
Kailasanathar Temple – Moon God

Kailasanathar Temple – Moon God

The second of the nine temples is the Moon God in Kailasanathar Temple in Thanjavur district. Though the main deity is Soma or moon, the temple has the idol of Kailalsanathar or Lord Shiva. The temple is approximately 350 km from Chennai and 35 km from Kumbakonam. Chennai Travels with its best Rahu Kethu Tour Packages from Chennai offers a safe and comfortable trip to this Moon God in Thingalur. Pilgrims perform poojas to get rid of many of their health, job, relationship, and other problems.

Vaitheeswaran Temple – Mars God

Vaitheeswaran Temple is one of the famous temples not only in Tamil Nadu but worldwide. It is renowned for Nadi Jothidam or pulse astrology and Olai Joditham or leaves astrology where the future of people is written in ancient dry leaves. Pilgrims believe that if they take a dip in the holy water tank, all their illness will go away. It is situated in Myladuthurai which is approximately 260 km on the scenic ECR road from Chennai. Chennai Travels offers the best Rahu Kethu Dhosa Parikaram Tour which includes Vaitheeswaran kovil. Since it is the temple for the Mars God or known as Chevvai in Tamil, pilgrims come here to clear Chevvai dhosam. It will help them to get married soon, and once it happens, they come back here again with a spouse and children to solve relationship problems.

Vaitheeswaran Temple
Swetharanyeswarar Temple

Swetharanyeswarar Temple – Mercury God

Another temple in Myladuthurai is the Swetharanyeswarar temple dedicated to Mercury God or Bhudan. Pilgrims come here to not only clear their Rahu Kethu dhosam but also to improve their education, wisdom, arts, music, and others.

Apatsahayesvarar Temple – Jupiter God

For worshipping Jupiter, God called Guru Bhagavan would make the people prosperous. Also, people come here to cure many diseases like skin, joint, and heart problems, including that of fear and discomfort. The Guru Bhagavan in the Apatsahayesvarar temple in Tiruvarur blesses the pilgrims with excellent knowledge and courage. With approximately 300 km from Chennai, many people take our Rahu Kethu Temple tour packages to get the blessing of Guru Bhagavan.

Agniswarar Temple

Agniswarar Temple – Venus God

Another temple in Thanjavur is Agniswarar temple for Venus God for pilgrims with Sukra Desa. Pilgrims perform religious rituals and poojas for early marriage, understanding spouse, and to become wealthy. Chennai Travels offers the best Rahu Kethu Tour Packages from Chennai that includes Agniswarar temple to make people rich.

Saneeswarar Temple – Saturn God

The evilest of the planets is Saturn which is called Sani in Vedic astrology. To get rid of Sani Dhosam a lot of pilgrims, visit this temple in Keezha Perumpallam in Myladutharai. Only by performing many rituals in this temple, people with Sani Dhosam will get rid of it.

Saneeswarar Temple

Thirunageswara temple – Rahu

If there is one temple dedicated to the shadow plane Rahu, it is the famous Thirunageswara temple in Thirunagewaram. It is another temple in Thanjavur that pilgrims come for clearing their Rahu Kethu dhosam.

Nanganathaswamy temple – Kethu

Similar to Rahu having an exclusive temple, Kethu has a Nanganathsamy temple in Thanjavur. Additionally is has an idol of Rahu & Kethu together for people to worship for getting rid of the Rahu Kethu dhosams. Since a lot of pilgrims come to this temple, it is better to book with the temple authorities to perform poojas. Chennai Travels with their affordable Dhosa Parikaram Temple Tour Packages including this temple.


Rahu Kethu Dhosa Parikaram Tour in Chennai

For those who are unable to visit the long tours in the delta region to get rid of their many dhosams, Chennai Travels offers the same navagraha worship in and around Chennai. The Rahu Kethu Dhosa Parikaram Tour in Chennai includes all the nine planets and the Nine Gods to get rid of the dhosams. The Rahu Kethu temple tour packages include the following temples,

  • For the Sun God, it includes the Gnayiru Gramam in Sholavaram which is 24 km on the outskirts of Chennai
  • For the Moon God, it is the Sri Somanadheeswarar temple in Somangalam, Kundrathur which is 25 km away from Chennai
  • For the Mars God or Chevvai, it is the Vaideeswaran kovil in Poonamallee which is 25 km from Chennai
  • For the Mercury God or Bhudhan, it is the Sri Sundareswarar temple in Kovur which is 20 km from Chenna
  • For Jupiter God or Guru Bhagavan, it is the Tiruvalleeswarar temple in Padi, only 13 km from Chennai
  • For Venus God or Sukran, it is the Velleeswarar temple in Mylapore in the heart of Chennai to worship for Sukra Desa people
  • For Saturn God or Sani Bhagavan, it is the Sri Agatheeswara temple in Pozhichalur near Chennai
  • For Rahu, it is the Sri Nageswarar temple in Kundrathur
  • For Kethu it is the Neelakandeswarar temple in Gerugambakkam which is 20 km from Chennai.

Chennai to Thirunallar Temple Tour by Van:

Chennai Travels provides many types of vehicles for the Rahu Kethu temple tour packages and includes

  • Car rentals for a small family of two to three members to get rid of all dhosams visiting the navagraha temples.
  • Van rental is for big families of 8 to 10 members to have a comfortable and safe Rahu Kethu Tour Packages from Chennai.
  • Bus & minibus rental is for extended families or as a group of friends and relatives to worship all the nine Gods in the delta region enjoying its lush greenery and our excellent service.
  • Innova & Etios car rental is for those who want to mix luxury with spiritual purposes to have a pleasant Rahu Kethu Temple Tour Packages.
  • Tempo Traveller rental is what many of our customers want for a safe and comfortable Dhosa Parikaram Temple Tour Packages.
  • Luxury car rental is exclusively for our customers who need the luxury to worship the nine Gods to get rid of their doshams.

Call us or visit our site for more information for our Rahu Kethu Temple Tour Packages from Chennai to get the blessings of the Nine Gods and be free of doshams to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Custom packages also available